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This frame simply holds the stat block for the current creature. This is automatically updated every time the tab is opened (click the tab again if you modify the creature). You can copy this text to a word processor or e-mail program to share the creature with others. You can also import a stat block to create a creature (see New Creature: Import Stat Block ). If you plan to share creatures with someone who has DM Genie also, use the Exporting a Creature function instead of stat blocks – not all information that DM Genie holds can be represented in stat blocks.

You can select what items to display by checking the appropriate boxes. You can also edit the text manually – but it is reset each time you click the tab strip or when the creature changes.

Check the “d20 SSB” box to use a format very close to the d20 Standard Stat Block Foundation's stat block format. You can get more info about this stat block format at . The New Creature: Import Stat Block function can also read this stat block format.

Avoid creating a stat block when the creature is under a condition (unless that condition is intended to be permanent, like permanent blindness for example). This is because only the creature's current ability scores, attack bonuses, etc. are recorded – and someone reading the stat block or importing it into DM Genie will assume those are the real stats.

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