New Creature Screen

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This window allows you to quickly and easily generate new creatures, whether PCs, NPCs or monsters. See:

New Creature: PC or NPC

New Creature: Monster

New Creature: Import Stat Block

New Creature: Other Sources

Another way to add a creature is to import it from someone else who has DM Genie. It is the fastest way to get a very detailed creature. See Importing a Creature for more details.

You should know the terminology used in DM Genie: in 3rd edition rules, a race is basically a typical creature – a template from which each creature is made. You can create a PC or a monster from basically any race. For example, 'Goblins' is a general type of monster - thus 'Goblin' is a race. But if you create one goblin and call him 'Zorg', then that is a creature. Try to keep the difference in mind while you read the manual and use the program.

Adding Creature to Group...

Select which group to add the next creature to. If you choose “All Creatures”, then the creature will not be a member of a specific group, although you can move it later to a group of your choice. (This is not visible in Player Genie)

Edit Latest Creature

The creature that was last created is select in the main window and is opened for manual editing of its characteristics. See the Creature Tab Strip and the Actions Tab Strip for more information about editing a creature's characteristics.


Closes the window without creating the creature described.

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