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How to read/modify a feat from a script:

func.GetFeatParam(FeatNum As Integer, ParamName As String)
Returns a parameter (ParamName) from the feat of ID FeatNum

func.SetFeatParam(FeatNum As Integer, ParamName As String, NewValue As Variant)
Sets the feat parameter ParamName to NewValue for the feat FeatNum


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ID As Integer 'Feat ID or number
Name As String
Desc As String 'Richtext format description string
ClassAbilityFor As String 'Which class is allowed for class abilities
ClassAbility As Boolean 'If true, this is a class ability
SpecialAbility As Boolean 'If true, this is a special ability
FromCore As Boolean 'Is from the core rules
Deleted As Boolean 'Marked as deleted so that it will not be visible and can be overwritten

'-- Scripting Vars, starting with v. 1.19 --
NeedRace As Boolean 'Return the race in cRace?
SpecialUse As Integer '0=Nothing, 1=Attack bonuses, 2=Condition Calc, 3=metamagic; 4=metapsionic
LevelDep As Boolean 'Level-dependant feat
MultipleTimes As Boolean 'Feat can be taken multiple times


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'--- New v.1.19 ---
'VBScript code for various operations
CodeGet As String
CodeRemove As String
CodeUse As String
CodeStop As String
CodeOther As String
CodeSpecial As String
'New v.2.07 - Resting Script
CodeRest As String

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