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The Desc (Description) frame holds information that relates to PCs and NPCs. Most monsters will not need any information in this frame. This information is used in the Character Sheet Output .

-          Player Name: The person who plays this PC

-          Age: in years.

-          Height: in feet and inches.

-          Weight: in pounds

-          Gender: Male, Female or neutral

-          Eye, Hair and Skin Color: any text you wish.

-          Deity: The god the PC worships.

-          Backstory: Notes about what happened to the PC before this adventure.

-          Picture File: Click "Choose File" to select a picture file for your character (like his portrait for example). Click "View Picture" to open the graphic file in your default editor/viewer. The picture is also displayed on the Character Sheet Output .

-          Description: Holds miscellaneous information about the creature. For example, face, reach, special attacks and qualities, appearance, treasure carried, etc. You can edit this any way you like, using the Word Processor Commands .

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