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Classes frame

Level Up: To help you in adding levels or classes to a PC or NPC, use the PC Leveling Wizard , which you can open by clicking the 'Level Up' button. It is highly recommended that you use the wizard to set classes and levels – however, you may also use this frame to set the classes and levels manually.

Improve Monster: this button is used to advance a monster as per the creature advancement rules in the Monster Manual. This uses the PC Leveling Wizard as well, only you select a Creature Advancement Class instead of a regular PC Class.

Template: This opens the Templates wizard to allow you to give a template to a monster or PC. The process is usually entirely automatic, and creates a copy of your PC, with the template applied.

To change classes manually:

Add button: Manually add a new class to the list. Asks for the abbreviation for the class. A reminder of some of the common abbreviations is displayed.

Delete button (trash can): Removes the currently selected class from the list.

View button: Opens the Class Editor with the currently selected class.

Adds Levels To:

Some prestige classes like Loremaster add levels to another spellcasting class. The levels are added to the total spellcasting class level in calculations for determining caster level, spell slots per day, and spells known. Normally the class that gets the extra levels is set when adding levels to the prestige class. You can manually change it by double-clicking the 'Adds Levels To' label.

The Classes List

Displays three pieces of information for each class a character has: Class Name, Level, and Base Level.

Name: The 3-letter abbreviation for this class. Use the standard abbreviations to ensure that DM Genie functions properly.

Level: The character's current level for this class.

Base Level: The character's base level for this class. This could be higher than his current level if the character has gained negative levels, for example. In the case of level drain, both the current and base level drops.

Notes: Write down any useful reminders for this class for this character. This can be edited using the Word Processor Commands .

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