Character Sheet Output

After you have created your PC (using the PC Leveling Wizard ), you can create a HTML character sheet which you can then printout for use during a game without a laptop.

The character sheets are HTML and use Cascading Style Sheets to display properly. You need a browser that supports CSS properly (like IE 5.0, 6 is better) in order to display the character sheets correctly. You may want to adjust the margins before printing in order to use the maximum available space of the page. Netscape 4 has very poor CSS support and can cause problems with the layout. Later versions of Netscape are better at CSS support.

You can change the look of the character sheet by editing or creating Character Sheet Templates .

AC Breakdown

The character sheet displays AC broken down into these fields. Several of these are also in the Combat Statistics Frame :

-          AC: Total AC

-          Base: Always 10

-          Armor: Total of armor, shield and their magical bonuses if any. Does not contribute in touch attacks.

-          Dex: Dex modifier to AC

-          Natural: Permanent natural armor and contribution from conditions (magical items or spells). Does not contribute in touch attacks.

-          Misc: Any other bonus, like size.

-          Conds (Armor): Armor bonus from conditions (spells or magic items). Does not contribute in touch attacks.

-          Conds (Other): Other contributions to AC from conditions. For example, dodge or deflection bonuses.

Temporary Boxes

Some boxes marked "Temp" and with grey borders are intentionally left empty. Use these boxes while playing to note the effect of spells, etc.

Char Sheets and Conditions

All condition effects are kept when printing out a character sheet. This means that should use the "Clear All Conditions" menu to start out with a rested, fresh character. Magical item conditions will still be active, though. If a spell or other condition will be active always, keep it on before printing out the sheet.

Fun Uses for Char Sheet Exports

For Barbarians, you can print out two sheets: one normal page, and another with the condition "Barbarian Rage" enabled. That way, all stats, attack bonuses, skill bonuses, etc. are pre-calculated for when you rage.

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