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Every description or note in an adventure can include hyperlinks. These work much like links on a web site – except that they link to another adventure in your campaign. Hyperlinks have the following format: {Adventure Name@Optional Tab}. The curly brackets {} mark it as a hyperlink – so avoid using them in the rest of the text.

When you click on a hyperlink, DM Genie searches for another adventure whose name is the same as between the brackets (the search is not case sensitive). If two adventures have the same name, the computer may get confused and pick the wrong one. DM Genie starts with the adventures that have the same parent – for example, if you have two parent adventures, “Evil Temple” and “Wizards' Tower”, and each have a sub-adventure called “Room 1”, a link to {Room 1} from within Evil Temple will stay in Evil Temple. It is thus important to keep adventure names unique, at least within the children of each root adventure, and preferably for all adventures. Hyperlinks are also used in hotspots on the Adventure Map .

Creating Hyperlinks

The easiest way to create a hyperlink is to drag an adventure from the adventure tree and drop it in the text. This automatically creates a link like {Room 24} . When clicked, this link will take you to the description tab of Room 24.

You can also create a link to a specific tab. Right-click an adventure on the adventure tree and drag it to the text box. You may then select from a list of tabs to link to:

-          Description: {Room 24} .

-          Items: {Room 24@Items} .

-          Creatures: {Room 24@Creatures} .

-          Random Encounters: {Room 24@Random} .

-          Map: {Room 24@Map} .

-          Notes: {Room 24@Notes} .

When you click on one of these links, you will be taken directly to the tab indicated after the @

Manual Hyperlinks

You can create a hyperlink manually, if you wish. Simply type the adventure's name in curly brackets. Add a @ and the name of tab after the adventure's name if you wish. The names are not case-sensitive. For example, {ROOM 24@map} will work. You can also put in blue and underline it – simply select the link and press Ctrl+L and Ctrl+U. This is not necessary however, but it helps in recognizing links as such.

Links to the Internet

You can link to a webpage by entering the full URL between curly brackets. For example, {} . For clarity, it is best to make the text underlined and blue. The HTTP:// is required. Clicking on the link opens the default web browser at that location.

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