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Guide To Updating DM Genie

First of all, Backup Your Data! You can use Winzip to save your entire campaign's directory (and subdirectories), or you can export the campaign from within DM Genie.

Recommended method for updating a campaign

Best when you have mostly just added to the core data, and not made too many changes to the default feats/spells/etc. As always, it is highly recommended to create a custom campaign and not run your game from the Core Rules campaign.
  • Shut down DM Genie/Player Genie.
  • Download the full install of DM Genie or Player Genie
  • Install at the same place as your previous install. When prompted to overwrite PREFS.DAT, say NO. PREFS.DAT is your preferences file.
  • Download all the core data files from the new version.
  • Start up DM Genie/Player Genie, and make sure your custom campaign is loaded.
  • Import all the core data files in the Core_All.Zip file you downloaded. Any extra items you have created are preserved. If you had modified some of the Core Data, you will be prompted to replace/skip.
  • For most updates that will suffice. See the notes below for specific cases.

If you have a custom campaign that uses the original third edition rules and wish to convert to 3.5, check out the Guide to Converting a DM Genie Campaign to Revision 3.5 which will take you through the process step-by-step.

Specific Notes for Each Version

Version 2.23

  • The standard scrolls were made disposable. You can  import the latest Core Items into your campaign to get this change.
  • Groups are arranged in a tree now - existing groups will be placed at the base level by default.

Version 2.22

  • Your TIME.DAT  file will be moved from the\ Data\ directory to the \Log\ directory automatically. This is meant to make it easier to transfer campaign data between computers.
  • Global Script: The auto-damage and Turn Undead scripts have been modified. Copy/paste from the new Core Rules data.
  • Animal races' attacks were set as 'Natural Attack' where applicable. Import the Core Races file over your existing races to get the corrected animals.

Version 2.21

  • The weapon/armor makers now support materials. These are special items, named "Weapon Material: X" or "Armor Material: Y". They are available from the Items file of the core rules campaign, or you can import the latest Core Items into your campaign.
  • Turn Undead is now a script. Copy SCRIPT.DAT from core rules' Data\ directory to your campaign's \Data\ directory. If you have customized your script, you will need to open the General Scripting Editor, and find Func12 from the Global Functions. Rename it TurnUndead, and copy/paste the code from the core rules (or use this file script file, which is v.2.21) to replace the existing (empty) code.
  • In combat/timekeeping, there used to be a 32000 round limit to combats, limiting condition expirations to 2 days + a few hours. This has been removed. Existing creatures, even in middle of combat, should still upgrade ok. But backup your campaign, just in case. :)

Version 2.20

  • RULES.TXT is now at rules version 20 - either allow DM Genie to overwrite your campaign's existing file, or make the following change (make sure that the modifier definition is in only 3 lines!):
  • Exisiting Text New Text
    'Attack Penalty for each size difference between weapon and creature

    '--- Normal Size Modifier to Attacks ---
    'Number of Entries (max 20)
    'Attack Penalty for each size difference between weapon and creature

    '--- Penalty to attacks for non-proficiency ---
    '(New v.2.20, rules file version 20)

    '--- Normal Size Modifier to Attacks ---
    'Number of Entries (max 20)

    Spell Slot
    Spell Slot Bonus %s: %d
    Gives extra spell slots for a particular class and spell level.

    Spell Slot
    Spell Slot Bonus %s: %d
    Gives extra spell slots for a particular class and spell level.

    Change Size
    Creature's size changed by %+ categories
    Changes the size category of the creature: +1 makes bigger, -1 makes smaller. This only directly affects size modifier to AC and attacks, not natural armor or strength, etc.
  • Creature Size is now a property which can be changed by conditions. Also, the size bonus to AC is calculated automatically from it. Previously it was contained in AC Misc - so every creature's AC Misc score will be adjusted automatically the first time they load into the new version. You may want to check that the score is correct (in many cases it becomes zero if the only contribution was from size).
  • Conditions have a Change Size modifier available, and many conditions were updated to use it: Enlarger Person, Righteous Might, etc. Import the Core Conditions file to overwrite the changed files.
  • Many races were updated to fix problems with natural attacks. Import the Core Races file into your campaign to replace the old version.
  • Saved spell lists now record the # of used spell slots. You will need to delete and re-save your spell lists to take advantage of this feature.
  • Tower Shields have been given an effect of -2 to attacks, which was previously missing. Import Core Items to fix this.

Version 2.19

Spell slots: Existing PC's with high ability scores may have too many slots after upgrading! You will need to correct the discrepancies as needed.

RULES.TXT has been modified by adding a new type of modifer. Overwrite your RULES.TXT, or enter the following lines at the end of your "Modifier Information" section:
Spell Slot
Spell Slot Bonus %s: %d
Gives extra spell slots for a particular class and spell level.

The feat Fast Movement (Mnk) was updated in its code.

Version 2.18

Several items, specifically weapon abilities and specific magical weapons, have had scripting code added. To update them in your campaign, download and import the Core Items file. Also, the feat Combat Expertise was modified, and is included in the Core Feats file.

Version 2.17

The updated executable that will be installed includes all the program changes, so there are no extra steps to update.

Version 2.16

The only thing that requires updating are the Errata corrections to the core data. If you wish to incorporate these to your own campaign, import each file contained in the Core Data Files zip file.

Version 2.15

The conditions system has been redesigned and it is now possible to specify the bonus type for all modifiers. This has been done where applicable in the core rules. Import the following files into your campaign to have these core items updates: Core Feats, Core Items, Core Conditions.

Any existing conditions/items will be converted to the new format automatically and transparently upon startup. For your own items/conditions, you can then specify the type of bonus. If you do not, they are set as "unnamed" (except for AC bonuses) and will always stack, like in the previous versions.

Scripting: Previous calls of style:
     cr.AttMelee = cr.AttMelee + 2
are still supported. However it is recommended that they be replaced with the more general call:
     cr.AddModifier "Att Melee", +2, "Luck"
As you can see, this allows you to specify the type of bonus, allowing for stacking rules to be enforced. The old calls are still supported, and are the equivalent of adding an untyped (also called unnamed) modifier. Note that modifier names have spaces, e.g. "Att Melee", "Damage Bonus". The list of modifiers is at the end of RULES.TXT.

RULES.TXT was completely reorganized - but individual sections have remained mostly the same. If you have made changes to your RULES.TXT, use a search function to locate the new position of the modified part, and copy/paste back into the new version. Re-read the passage before erasing it to ensure that your modified version is still compatible, and in the right order. Sorry, there is no easier way to transfer changes - but the new RULES.TXT is much clearer, the change is worth it.

Version 2.14

Unidentified names and prices: You can specify descriptive names and fake prices for magic items so that your player cannot determine what type of item it is. To automatically make these descriptive names for your campaign, there use the "File->Make unidentified item names" menu. This function only makes simple names and reasonable prices - or just the first word of the name, and 0 for the price for unusual items. If the Unidentified Name field is empty (as it is by default), the first word of the real name is displayed instead.

Version 2.13

Your campaign can now have up to 32000 feats and conditions, as well as 1250 skills. This should be transparent, and any current or old characters should be loaded or imported without any user intervention.

To get the changes to the core data (see the Revision History), import the files as described above.

Version 2.12

SCRIPT.DAT has been updated slightly; copy the file from c:\Program Files\DM Genie\Data\ to your campaign's data directory.

Most of the races have been updated (with their permanent energy resistance field). You can now specify the permanent energy resistance of creatures also. All other changes will be updated by the method outlined above.

Version 2.11

A new file, SCRIPT.DAT is necessary to run version 2.11. The program will automatically copy it to your campaign if needed (after a prompt).

Weapon Sizes are now fixed. All default weapons are size M for use with Medium-sized PCs. Import the Core Weapons file into your campaign to get them.

A new property, Category allows you to select whether the weapon can be used off-hand or with two hands (light, one-handed, two-handed). There is a penalty for using a weapon of a different size (like a small PC using a M-sized sword) - however, older weapons with a category of N/A, or Ranged, are not affected.

Basically, this means that you can leave all your creatures as is, and their attack bonuses will be calculated correctly. You can also fix the sizes of existing weapons and set their Category, which will give you an indicator of which hand(s) can be used.

Races have been updated with more detailed skill bonuses, fixed attack sizes, and a fix to Dragons who had the Snatch feat when not allowed. Import the Core Races file into your campaign to replace the old version.

Version 2.10

The update to v.2.10 is maintenance update that consists mostly of bug fixes. Notably, the bug with the preset memorized lists of spells has been fixed - however your existing PCs will have lost their list due to the bug. You will need to re-create the list in the usual manner.

Races have been updated with extra information for their attacks. A couple of races have been added too. You can import the Core Races file from the Download Page. Other files you can import to stay up to date are: Weapons, Templates, Feats, and Classes. Changes in these files were minor.

Version 2.09

Psionics: Because of the complete reworking of the psionics system and the inclusion the the Expanded Psionics Handbook, if you use psionics in your campaign, you will need to do several steps before upgrading. Make sure you have a backup.

  • Export every psionic PC to a .Creature file.
  • Export any custom psionic powers you entered to a .PsionicPower file.
  • Export psionic classes and items as a backup.
  • Remove the old PCs you have exported.
  • You may want to remove every old psionic item/class/feat that will be replaced by the revised versions, however this may cause some "Unknown Items" when importing.

Once you've completed the Full Install over your Core Rules campaign, load you custom campaign. You will be asked to replace RULES.TXT and TREASURE.TXT - allow both files to be replaced. Then:

  • From the File->Options->Game Rules menu, make sure you are in Revised Psionics mode.
  • Import the Core Psionic Powers file.
  • Import your custom psionic powers file. Their "Levels:" string may need fixing to work with
  • Import the Core Classes file.
  • Fix your custom psionic classes: Psionic classes must now have "can cast spells" checked. Spell level data, etc. may need to be filled in.
  • Import the Core Feats file to get the new psionic feats.
  • Import the Core Items file to get all the psionic items.
  • Import the PCs you previously exported. Some psionic powers/feats have been removed in the Revised Psionics. Make sure their class abbreviations match the new classes; change them manually if needed.

Races: All the Core races have had their Equivalent Classes and/or Effective Caster Level data set. You can import the Core Races to overwrite the old races.

Attacks: Since Damage Reduction is now handled automatically, the damage type string for each attack may now affect the outcome when using the Auto-Damage right-click menu. Check the damage type for PC's magic weapons.

Character Sheets: were reformatted to work with the new psionics system - edit your custom sheets if needed.

The 3.0 Campaign was updated with some improvements to feats and fixes to allow the new Psionics system to work with the old 3.0 data. Upgrade your 3.0 campaign in the same way as described above, but download the 3.0 core files instead of the 3.5 core links above.

Version 2.08

All of the items in the core data have had their source book set (DMG, MM, Player's Handbook or Psionics Handbook). You can import all of the Core_X files from the download page, or you can manually set the source books using the Custom Data Editor (Shift+F9).

To apply a couple of very minor changes to Clerics, Druids, Rogues and Sorcerers, import the Core Classes.

To apply a minor change to the Skeleton template, import this file.

Version 2.07

A large number of the core races had their attacks fixed (those with damage strings like "1d10+3 plus poison" were usually incorrect). To fix your campaign, download the Core Races file, import it into your campaign and replace the old races with these new ones. Version 2.07.254 has a few new PC races, download them here.

Many feats/abilities have been improved, for example, by tracking their number of uses per day through the new Rest script. Others, such as Bardic Music and Druids' Wild Shape, have been greatly improved. To get the new versions, download and import the Core Feats file into your campaign.

If you were in the middle of a battle during the update, you may need to use the Battle menu's Resort submenu.

Version 2.06

Version 2.06 introduces containers. You can import the Core Items file, in which items like the Backpack were marked as containers. Use the Items editor's Physical Characteristics to set older items as containers.

Domains: To add more domain support to your custom campaign, import the domains feats file and the updated cleric into it. New clerics will get the domain granted powers automatically; manually give the Domains feat to pre-existing clerics.

There was a fix in RULES.TXT concerning carrying capacity calculations. Copy RULES.TXT to your campaign to apply it.

Version 2.05

Version 2.05 includes templates - if your campaign does not have TEMPLATES.DAT, DM Genie can automatically copy it from the Core Rules campaign. A few feats were added for the lycanthrope template, you can import the lycanthrope feats file into your campaign to add them.

The skill bonuses for animals have been detailed (ranks and racial bonuses have been separated). This mostly affects the creation of lycanthropes based on these animals. To apply these to your campaign, import the Core Races file and replace your old animal races.

There was a fix in RULES.TXT concerning Turning damage done by clerics. Copy RULES.TXT to your campaign to apply it.

Version 2.04

RULES.TXT is now at version 14, and will automatically be copied to your custom campaigns.

The Core Rules campaign's CLASSES.DAT file will be replaced by the new version, which contains all the Creature Advancement classes. You can export these and import them back into your custom campaign to use them there.

Version 2.03

If you want to enable a couple of the new features (auto-saving the combat log; automatically ignore shield bonuses when wielding two weapons) go to the File->Options menu to set those options.

Version 2.02

The update to 2.02 is mostly bug fixes; you don't need to do anything to get these. There are new psionic races and data elements that you can export from the core rules and import into each campaign.

Version 2.01

If you want to keep using the original third edition do not follow the conversion guide above. You can keep your custom campaign intact except that you will need to copy the new RULES.TXT (DM Genie will do this for you) and an updated version of TRESURE.TXT that is compatible with both v.2.0 of DM Genie and the original 3rd edition. You can get this file here. You will need to rename the file to "TREASURE.TXT" before copying to your campaign's \Data\ directory.

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