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To Do List

This is a partial list of the features we are working on or that we are considering for the future updates to DM Genie and Player Genie. If you have any suggestions, please email them to us at Feedback@dmgenie.com.

  • Automated damage/effect calculation for spells using scripting, with an interface to allow players to enter their own values (or DMs to change the rolled values).
  • Further automated rules support in: Weapon proficiencies; sneak attack; Uses per day for magical items.
  • Random name generator
  • Random NPC generator (possibly)
  • Create new importable files for other types of games and other gaming worlds.
  • Importing PCGen character files (if possible).
  • Improvements to the Roll window, including opposed rolls.
  • Awarding XP to be done by a grid where each award can be modified.
  • Tracking ammunition and linking it to ranged weapons.

  • Automatically apply race advancement. (Done, in the form of Creature Advancement Classes)
  • More magical items (especially those with variable bonuses). (Done!)
  • Detect any custom objects created in the export form. (Done!)
  • Printing out a complete adventure (or generating a .RTF or .HTML file from it) (Done! RTF only)
  • Data for each class (skill points per level, skills which are cross-class or exclusive, bonus feats, spells slots, requirements for prestige classes, etc.) (Done!)
  • Wizards for adding a level to a character, using the class' data. (Done!)
  • Option to select the target of each attack. (Done!)
  • Output to character sheets. (Done!)
  • Setting creature's and item's location on the maps. (Done!)
  • Description of weather's effect on rules. (Done!)
  • Create magical and MW versions of armor. (Done!)
  • Random treasure generator (Done!)
  • More sophisticated magical weapon generator (with special abilities). (Done!)
  • Improved importing and exporting of custom data (Done!)
  • Automatically apply templates. (Done!)
  • Containers for items. (Done!)
  • Specifying source of custom items, to ease importing/exporting. (Done!)
  • Magical Armor creation wizard. (Done!)
  • More generalized scripting to allow coding of special cases: in post-turn scripts, resting, attacks, etc. (Done!)

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