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Index to Screenshots

Click on a link below to jump to a specific screenshot of DM Genie in action, or view the features.

Main Window
Creature List
The Combat Log
Condition Setter
Conditions Editor
Spell's Conditions
Character's Attacks
Characters' Inventory
Character Actions
Creating PCs, NPCs and Monsters
Adding a Level, The Easy Way!
Hit Points, BAB, etc.
Selecting Skills
Selecting Feats
Making a Spell List
Character Sheet
Character's Statblock
Campaign Manager
Description of Adventure
Monsters in an Adventure
Adventure Map
Random Encounter Table
Campaign Notes
Adventure Printing
Item Editor
Magical and Intelligent Items
Armor and Shields
Physical Characteristics
Random Treasure Generator
Random Treasure by Type
Appraisals Window
Weapons Editor
Magical/MW Weapons
Race and Monster Editor
Other Monster Information
Monster's Stat Block
Group Manager
Generating Weather
Daily Weather
Hourly Weather
Time and Weather
Movement Speed and Distance
Dice Roller
The Roll Window
Encounter Level Calculator
Class Editor
Class Requirement
Class Skills
Spellcasting and Psionics

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