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Revision History

Version 2.26 (March 26, 2011)
  • Major Changes
    • Added a way to search in your script code: Start it from the Main Window's File menu.
    • Magic Armor Maker and Magic Weapon Maker: If any of the abilities added have scripting code, this is added to the code of the generated item automatically.
    • A creature's permanent Damage Reduction is now a string that can hold several values, separated by commas. Templates and feats that add to Damage Reduction take this into account.
    • Races now support multiple Damage Reduction entries as well.
  • Minor Changes
    • Fixed opening URLS from adventures going to the upper case website address.
    • Main Window: group drop-down can go as wide as possible now when resizing
    • Campaign Form: Creatures tab: Group control goes wider if space is available.
    • Group Manager: The 3 panels now resize evenly to use space more efficiently. Group drop-down is now wider and longer.
    • Group Manager: Tooltips for creatures in the group lists.
    • Scripts: func.ChooseSpell() now has an extra argument for filtering by text in the description.
    • Fixed occasional crashes related to using the mousewheel (hopefully).
  • Core Data Changes
    • Extra Folugub monster removed.
    • Mystic Theurge PrC BAB and Saves set.
    • Brass, Gold, Red and White Dragons: SQ-Fire/Cold subtype fixed to read "+50% damage from cold/fire".

Version 2.25 (September 18th, 2010)
  • Major Changes
    • DM Genie Documents Folders are now used instead of modifying the Core Rules under C:\Program Files\DM Genie\
    • The programs no longer requires administrator privileges to run - improving support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    • Improvements to the installer for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    • Supports multiple users with a single install. Registration codes and other settings are kept unique in Windows registry and in each user's Documents folder.
  • Minor Changes
    • Better folder chooser dialog. 
  • Core Data Changes
    • No core data changes.

For changes before version 2.25, click here.

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