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Frequenly Asked Questions

What is the Djinn's Library?

The Djinn's Library is the place where you can upload and download DM Genie files: adventures, creatures, groups, races, classes, skills, feats, spells, psionic powers, items and weapons.

What do I need to do to upload my content?

You must have registered in the DM Genie forums. Use the same username and password when uploading that you use in the forums. The username and password are case sensitive. You also must agree to the File Upload Agreement displayed in the upload page.

What can I upload?

You're free to upload any original content you created. You can also upload Open Game Content taken from other sources. You cannot upload any copyrighted material that isn't OGC. Copying or distributing copyrighted material is illegal! If you copy OGC, you must include a copy of the Open Game License.

How do I know if I can copy parts of book X or Y?

Look at the first few pages of the text. There may be a notice defining what parts of the book are Open Game Content, for example "Any text written with a grey background is hereby declared Open Game Content". You are free to copy any text with a grey background in this case (include a copy of the Open Game License).

If you're not certain if a book has any Open Game Content, then assume it doesn't contain any and that you shouldn't upload it.

Can I upload Wizards of the Coasts ®'s book X?

No. With the exception of the contents of the System Reference Document none of the books or modules published by WotC contain any Open Game Content.

Can I upload a conversion of a previous edition product?

Only if doing so respects the terms of the ESD. In summary, the license only allows you to convert game rules and not any of the descriptive text.

What happens if I uploaded some copyrighted material?

If a file is found to be in violation of any copyright it will either be deleted or edited to remove any non-Open Game Content. Your username and contact information are recorded when you upload a file; if a publisher asks for it they will then be able to contact you personnally to resolve the matter, and perhaps pursue legal action.

If the violations are repeated or flagrant, you will be banned from uploading any more files.

Can I post on my website a file I downloaded here?

If it's entirely Open Game Content, yes, as long as you keep the Open Game License. If parts of it are copyrighted, you'll need to obtain consent from the owner of the copyright first.