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Introduction to DM Genie

It happened one game night...

Your PCs are in the middle of an exciting adventure. They've tracked the evil monsters down to their lair, deep in the dungeon, skillfully avoiding deadly traps. Suddenly, the monsters spot them!

Time to start a battle. You roll, roll, roll. Check the rulebook. Roll again. Another rulebook - where is it? Roll yet again. Meanwhile, your players are starting to get bored.

Combat finally begins. A PC makes an attack against an orc with 50% cover. Does he hit? The orc falls prone. What's his AC now? An evil wizard turned himself invisible. How does it affect his stats? A PC casts fireball on 3 goblins, 2 trolls and a level 5 wizard. Time to roll 6 saving throws. What is the wizard's reflex save bonus?

Does this seem all too familiar? Then you need DM Genie to help you keep track of the math and the rules. DM Genie is a program made to help game masters (DMs) running the third edition of the world's most popular table top RPG.

You're getting ready for tonight's game, but your players have finished your last module! If only there was a way to quickly get an adventure up and running, all within DM Genie...


You've wanted to write your own adventure for a while, but you're looking for some help - an easy way to create the monsters, to choose the treasure...

DM Genie has advanced adventure writing capability. You can describe your dungeon with full text formatting, attach maps, monsters and treasure - and it's fully integrated with the rest of DM Genie! You can also export or import entire adventures - which will make using an adventure module a lot easier!

Want to learn more? See the list of Features.

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