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List of Features

DM Genie is designed to run Third Edition or Revision 3.5 role playing games, and can be customized to suit your needs. It can also be a powerful helper for players creating characters and keeping them updated! Here is a list of some of the features (click on the links to see the related screenshots):

This list of features also apply to Player Genie, except for the weather, adventures, random treasure and group manager.

  • Great for players too!
    • Step-by-step Leveling Wizard makes leveling a snap! It has useful features like:
    • Print your PC's Character Sheet
    • Get descriptions for feats, spells, etc. without fumbling in the books.
    • The effects of most feats are applied automatically when you take them!
    • Save each of your special feats or spells by adding them to your campaign
    • Use multiple magic items and keep track of the bonuses automatically, even if stop using one for just a minute!
    • Great inventory management, even keeps track of charges of magic items.
    • Use DM Genie while playing to recalculate skill bonuses etc. if under the effect of a spell or condition.

  • Create new races/monsters or edit one of the 580 that come with DM Genie.

  • Make monsters or PCs from any race, in seconds
    • Roll your abilities, assign them and adjust them; or use the Point Buy method.
    • Or, use the intelligent stat block reader to generate your creatures.
    • Advance the base monsters with the creature advancement classes.
    • Easily apply a template (like celestial or lycanthrope) to a base creature.

  • Run battles between your PCs and monsters
    • Calculates all attack/damage bonuses, handles Damage Reduction.
    • Automatic AC calculation - knows which types of bonuses stack, and which don't.
    • Keep track of numerous conditions (like prone, blinded, etc.) and apply the effects automatically.
    • Roll skills, use feats, cast spells, manifest psionic powers.
    • Appraisals window, for when your PCs sell their wares in town.

  • Conditions: let DM Genie do the math!
    • Each condition can automatically affect AC, attack/damage bonuses, ability scores, skill checks, spell and damage resistance, and more!
    • You can set conditions for several creatures at the same time.
    • Can't find what you need in one of the nearly 300 conditions that come with DM Genie? Create your own!
    • Associate conditions with spells or psionic powers to make spell casting a snap.
    • DM Genie also tracks uses per day for all common character abilities.

  • Tons of reference information at your fingertips

  • Create and run complete adventures
  • Advanced Item Management
    • Use one of the 1900 predefined items or create your own.
    • Roll a complete treasure hoard for an encounter in a single click, using the Random Treasure Generator. Select what percentage of the treasure should be psionic.
    • Equip your PC with the Magical Weapon Creator or one of dozens of regular and magical armors and shields.
    • Complete description for nearly all magic items, now includes hp, hardness and AC for most items.
    • Magical items can have their effect automatically calculated.
    • Appraisals window, for when your PCs sell their wares in town.
    • Container-based system allows you to know exactly what is where.

  • Easy to learn!
    • Comes with a complete and detailed help file.
    • Step-by-step, in-program tutorials get you started quickly!
    • Tips of the day show you features you might not know DM Genie has.
    • Let the mouse hover on any control to popup a helpful ToolTip!

  • Manage multiple campaigns
    • Each can have its own skills, feats, spells and psionic powers and is independent from one another.
    • Easy to switch from one campaign to the other.
    • Move creatures and customized items between campaigns using the import/export functions.
    • Create or import separate adventures in each campaign.
    • You can even export/import an entire campaign!

  • A huge database from the core rulebooks:
    • 733 races or types of monsters, including traps
    • 79 skills
    • 491 feats and special abilities (with 3565 lines of scripting code)
    • 606 spells
    • 287 psionic powers
    • 107 standard weapons (and a near-infinity of magical weapons can be generated)
    • 3026 items
    • 73 classes and monster improvement classes
    • 12 templates
    • And you can add to or customize any entry!

  • Export and import functions:
    • Share on the Internet or by diskette with your players or other DMs.
    • Export/Import anything from a single feat to an entire campaign.
    • Download a complete adventure and get started using it in only minutes!
    • You can even sell your DM Genie creations.
    • All files are pre-compressed for fast downloads.

  • Well-designed interface:
    • Gives you the information you need, when you need it.
    • Uses clearly labelled buttons and menus instead of cryptic icons.
    • Can run in 800x600 and still display all the necessary information.
    • Windows can be resized and make maximum use of available area.
    • Numerous keyboard shortcuts increase speed and reduce the need for a mouse.
    • The most common characteristics can be edited in multiple ways - use the one you prefer!
    • Color-coded listings give information at a glance.

  • Customizable Rules allow you to run the game the way you want.
    • Using VBScript, a simple yet powerful programming language, you can customize feats to do almost anything.
    • Edit every aspect of the game.

  • An encounter level calculator that works with all combinations of challenge ratings.
  • Pop-up dice roller, with custom or pre-defined dice.
  • Sophisticated weather generator for an infinite variety of locations.
  • Complete tracking of time and movement.
  • Create or delete skills, feats, spells, powers, items, weapons and conditions.
  • And tons of other little functions that will make your life easier as a DM!

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