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Download Player Genie

Download the 60-day evaluation copy below - click here to purchase the full copy.

Player Genie Full Install Version: 2.26
Download the installation program here (7.7 megabytes).

Version 2.26 adds multiple permanent Damage Reduction for creatures and races; and a form to search inside your script code.
Plus, lots of minor fixes. See the Revision History for more details.

Other Downloads
Check out The Djinn's Library to download Player Genie files of all types: adventures, spells, feats, and more!

Original 3rd Edition Campaign: Download and import this file into Player Genie to create a new campaign with the original third edition (3.0) rules.

Installation Instructions

Installing Player Genie is quite simple. Click the link, and select save; or, Right-click the link above, and select "Save Target As". The file will take approximately 15 minutes with a 56 kbps modem.

Once the download is complete, double click the PlayerGenie_Setup.exe file. You will be asked to select a directory to install to. If you wish, you can put an icon to the program in the Quick Launch bar and the Windows desktop. You can also choose to associate file extensions with Player Genie - this is recommended unless you're also using DM Genie.

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