The tutorials give you step-by-step instructions on how to use DM Genie. They are a great way to learn it quickly, and are highly recommended for first time users. To start a tutorial, go to the Help menu in the main window, select “Tutorials” and click on the tutorial of your choice. To move the tutorial window out of the way, click anywhere on the form except a button or text box, and drag with the mouse.

A window will move around the screen, pointing at various buttons and text boxes, explaining their purpose. Click Next” to go to the next step in the tutorial. Click “Prev” to go back one step. Click “Restart” to start over at the beginning. Click “More Help” to open the help file to explain more. The tutorial window will minimize, click on it again in the taskbar to open it again. Finally, click “Close” to end the tutorial at any time.

Sometimes, the tutorial will ask you to perform an action, such as clicking a button or entering text. Do the action before clicking Next, or else future steps may not make sense or be possible to do. At anytime during the tutorial, don't hesitate to stop and play around with the buttons in the window, and then return to the tutorial – it's a great way to learn.

Tutorials Available

To completely learn DM Genie, it is best to do all the tutorials in order. The 2nd and 3rd tutorials are the most important and will get you running a game in the shortest amount of time.

The entire text of all the tutorials is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Gaming License v1.0a .

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