You can use the Reminders tab, in the Timekeeping Window , to keep track of events or long-lasting spells. For example, you can record long-lasting spells; how much time the PC's have until the King's guards catch up to them; how long until their light goes out; or anything else you desire.

If you check the "Popup a warning when a reminder has expired" box, a dialog box telling you that your reminder has expired will come up, whether you either add time directly in the timekeeping window, or when the round number of Current Encounter increases, and that causes time to increase.


'Add Reminder' opens a new window where you can enter how much time until the reminder expires. This can be as little as one second or as much as several years. The Quick-Set reminders are useful for common events, and can be customized in RULES.TXT

'Clear Expired ' removes all expired reminders.

'Clear All' removes all the reminders.

Pop-Up Menu

Right-click a reminder to view the pop-up menu

'Edit Reminder' allows you to change the name/expiration of the reminder.

'Remove Reminder' does just that.

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