Movement Speed and Distance Traveled

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Entering the Base Speed

Select an item from the Mount/Vehicle dropdown list box to set the speed automatically. You can also enter it manually, either in feet per round or miles per hour. Note that the official speeds given in the PHB don't quite add up (5000 feet per mile / 30 feet per round = 3.6 mph, not 3 mph), so the formula used assumes 6000 feet per mile. This could account for resting, meals, etc... during cross-country movement.

Movement Mode

This simply multiplies the base movement speed. Not all movement modes are possible for long distances.


Enter a distance that your PCs (or the NPCs tracking the PCs) wish to travel, either in feet or in miles. As you change it, the time needed to travel it is displayed below.

Time to Travel

Enter the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds the PCs will travel. Set the number of hours per day that will be spent in actual movement (usually 8 or 10 hours). As you change the time, the distance that can be traveled is displayed above. Press the Add button to add that amount of time to the current date and time. Press Clear to set it to 0.


Select what terrain and what type or road/trail the PCs are traveling on. Their real speed is adjusted accordingly.

Hampered Movement

Check all the boxes that apply. Each condition reduces the speed by a certain factor, and it is cumulative. Note that these are normally used for tactical movement (i.e. within combat), and that the terrain/road speed modifiers already take bad surfaces or obstruction into account.

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