Templates - Applying to a Character

First, select your character in the main window. Then, open the template editor from either the Windows menu or the Classes tab.

Select the template you want to apply on the left. See the General Template Settings tab to read the template's description.

Click the Preview button, which will apply the template. The original creature's stat block is displayed on the left, whereas the templated creature's stat block is on the right. Note that some changes might not be visible in the stat block.

Some templates require user input – for example, for the Lycanthrope template you must choose the template's base animal. This will be asked whenever the template is applied.

Click the Add as New Creature button to apply the template again, but this time add the templated creature to the same group as the current creature. The new character's name is usually different, for example, Orc becomes Orc, Half-Fiend.

General hints on applying templates

-          Some templates (half-celestial, half-fiend and half-dragon for example) may change the number of skill points gained from racial hit die. If this is the case you need to change your skill ranks manually.

-          It is best to apply the template after advancing a monster or giving class levels if possible. You will need to adjust the creature's challenge rating if you add levels after applying the template

-          Applying more than one template to a creature is possible but may have some unintended effects or result in contradictory abilities.

See Templates – Editing to learn how to create a new template.

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