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You can read and modify spell (or psionic power) data by first running func.GetSpellObj(SpellNum As Integer). This function returns the spell object. For instance:

Dim MySpell
Set MySpell = func.GetSpellObj(num)
If func.ValidSp(MySpell) Then
MsgBox MySpell.Name
End If

Spell levels for example are extracted directly from the rich text description of the spell. To modify such data, you will need to find the relevant string in the Desc member, and modify it. For instance, replacing "Clr 0" with "Clr 1" would, in effect, change the spell level from 0 to 1 for clerics.


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'ID# of the spell
ID As Integer

'Name, of course :)
Name As String

'Rich text description
Desc As String

'This indicates if the spell is psionic or not
Psionic As Boolean

'Used 2.08+
Source As String 'sourcebook

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