Skills Frame

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The skills frame contains a list of skills (either all skills or just those available to the creature), as well as a description box, which allows you to quickly determine how a skill applies and what DCs to use.

The List of Skills

The skill list displays all skills if the “Show All” box is selected. If the "Usable" box is selected then only those that the creature can use are displayed – skills with 1 or more ranks, and skills with no training required. Finally, select “Ranks” to display only skills for which the creature has 0.5 or more ranks.

For a summary of all contributions to the skill total, hover the mouse over an entry and a tooltip will soon appear. The conditions, items, armor and other game effects that modify the skill total will be described.

-          Skill name: The name and specialization, if any, of the skill. Skills affected by an armor check penalty have a * after their name. See the Items Frame to set the armor/shield of a character.

-          Ab.: The relevant ability score.

-          Tot.: The total bonus when rolling this skill. A value of –99 indicates that the creature is untrained in a skill that can only be used by someone who is trained. This value is the sum of ranks, misc. bonuses, and the bonuses for the relevant ability score.

-          Rnk.: The ranks this creature has in this skill. This can use decimals (0.5, 1.5, etc.) if the skill is cross-class. Synergy between two skills (one gets a +2 bonus if the other has 5 or more ranks) is handled automatically when you change the number of ranks. To change synergy edit RULES.TXT (see Customizing Game Rules ).

-          Misc.: Various bonuses to the skills. This may come from skill synergy, from racial bonuses, or from temporary (condition) skill bonuses.

Other Info

This is a text box to help the DM when characters have non-standard skills or skill specializations. For example, he could put ranks in Craft (Other) and note here that Craft (Other) is actually Craft (Pottery).

Description Box

This describes the skills and DCs for various tasks. You can edit the description in any way you desire, using the Word Processor Commands .

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