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You can read and modify skill data by first running func.GetSkillObj(SkillNum As Integer). This function returns the skill object. For instance:

Dim MySkill
Set MySkill = func.GetSkillObj(num)
If func.ValidSk(MySkill) Then
MsgBox MySkill.Name
End If


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'The name of the skill
Name As String

'These two strings are used for faster searching of skill names
'They are not saved, but are re-done on each load.
NameUcase As String
NameUcase_NoParen As String 'same, without anything in parenthesis

'Unique ID of the skill. Maximum ID is 1250.
Id As Integer

'3-letter ability identifer
Ability As String

'RTF Description of the skill
Desc As String

Condition As Integer

'If true, only someone with ranks can use this skill.
'Untrained PCs have a total skill bonus of -99
TrainedOnly As Boolean

'If true, armor check penalty applies
ArmorCheck As Boolean

'These strings are unused (despite the names)
'You may store special information in them if you need to.
Classes As String
ExclusiveToClasses As String
CrossClassTo As String

'To be deleted: the skill will not show up in lists and will be replaced
' as soon as a new skill needs to fill up its slot.
Deleted As Boolean

'Sourcebook of the data (New v.2.08)
Source As String

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