Shareware Evaluation

When you first install DM Genie or Player Genie, you have 60 days to evaluate the program, completely free of charge. There is also a limit of 400 runs, but under nearly all circumstances the 60-day period will expire first.

During the Evaluation

-          You have access to every function DM Genie/Player Genie has – this is not crippleware or demoware.

-          Shareware reminders will pop up occasionally to remind you to register DM Genie/Player Genie before the end of the evaluation.

-          You have plenty of time to use DM Genie/Player Genie in a few of your games, and to see just how useful it is.

After the Evaluation Period is Over...

Some functions are disabled. You can no longer:

-          Load or save creatures, groups, adventures or custom races.

-          Create new skills, feats, spells, powers, races, standard items or standard weapons. Any modifications made (to the description text for example) are not saved when you close DM Genie/Player Genie.

-          Create or import campaigns. You can still use the campaigns you have already created.

-          You can still create custom items and weapons for creatures and adventures – however, they will not be saved when DM Genie/Player Genie is closed.

-          All import/export functions are disabled. Stat block export/import is also disabled.

-          New weather generation is disabled.

-          You can still create adventures, groups, monsters and PCs, and run battles with them. However, they will not be saved to disk.

-          The frequency of shareware reminders is higher.

What happened to my characters, adventures, etc.?

Don't panic! They are all still on disk – you just cannot load them because the evaluation period has expired. As soon as you register the program (see Registering DM Genie ), all your old files will be accessible again, just as when you left them.

Make sure you don't uninstall DM Genie/Player Genie or erase any of the files in the DM Genie/Player Genie directory or your campaign directory – then you would lose your data!

Documentation for DM Genie and Player Genie, page Shareware. Copyright © Mad Scientist Studios, 2006.
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