Registering Player Genie

Registering Player Genie will unlock the disabled features (if your evaluation has expired) and will do away with all shareware reminders.

Thanks to shareware, you don't have to pay for pretty packaging and the software retailers' profits. That means we can bring you a great product at a great price! Compare Player Genie to other RPG helper programs that offer fewer features and are more complicated to use - the choice is clear. Purchase your copy today!

Why Should I Register Player Genie?

                   It's a great time saver!

                   It makes playing your RPG more about fun and less about rules.

                   You can use it for multiple different campaigns and gaming worlds.

                   Updates are free!

                   You get Technical Support .

                   No more shareware reminders!

                   After your 60-day evaluation period is over, you can no longer load or save most files.

                   Get help from the community in the discussion forums .

                   Player Genie will evolve according to your feedback and become exactly what you want in a RPG program.

Getting a Registration Code

Go to our website's purchase page at . For ordering-related questions, contact us at . The purchase price as of this version of Player Genie is 18$ US, although this may change in the future. Consult our website for updated prices.

From there, you can purchase the program via Paypal. You can use any major credit card to pay. If you are not already a Paypal member, you will be asked to register – doing so takes only a minute, and is completely free.

Once your payment is confirmed, we will send you your personalized registration code by e-mail.

Once you have a Registration Code

Go to the “Help->Register Player Genie” menu from any Player Genie window to open the Registration Form.

First, enter the e-mail address you used to purchase Player Genie in the text box at the top. Make sure you are typing it correctly, and do not enter any spaces, punctuation or quote marks. Player Genie verifies the syntax of the address to make sure it is correct.

Then, enter the Registration Code we gave you. To ensure the correct code is entered, simply copy/paste it from the e-mail you received. If you do type it in, make sure you are respecting the case, including every needed character, and not adding any other characters.

If your evaluation period had already expired, Player Genie will close automatically. When you start it up again, all the data you had saved before the end of the evaluation period will be loaded again.

After registering, you will not see any shareware reminders.

What if my Registration Code doesn't Work?

Double-check the spelling and case of both your e-mail address and the Registration Code. Ideally, you should Copy/Paste the text directly. If you are still having problems, contact us at for help.

Can I use my Registration Code on more than one computer?

As long as you are the only person who will be using the program, yes. For example, you could install Player Genie on your laptop and your desktop and use it on both computers.

But you are NOT allowed to share your registration code with someone else - you alone are licensed to use Player Genie.

I lost my registration code!

Go to to get a reminder of your code emailed to your original purchasing email address.

If you are installing on a new computer, look for a dmgenie.lic or pgenie.lic file in your Player Genie documents folder (normally in the Player Genie subfolder of "My Documents"). This file contains your registration code, and you can use it to re-enter it in your new install.

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