Basic Race Info

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Several textboxes hold information about the race. See the MM (Core Rulebook 3) to learn more about each item. Here are some specific notes about how to use them in DM Genie:

-          Hit Dice: Does not support 1/2 dice. To indicate 1/2 d8 for example, use 1d4 instead (this gives nearly the same result).

-          AC: You can note specific contributions in this box – these are ignored. Use the boxes below.

-          Total AC: Normal AC for this race.

-          Natural armor: Natural contribution that goes away in touch attacks.

-          Shield or Armor: Name and AC bonus of these items (regular bonuses only – enter magical bonuses as a total is the Misc AC box).

-          Misc: Magic, size, etc.

-          Base Attack Bonuses: This is an important item that is missing from the MM stats. This includes the size modifier for the race. The BAB is re-calculated when you use the “Generate Attacks from Strings” button in the Race Attacks Frame .

-          Damage Reduction: Enter the type of weapon damage that bypasses damage reduction, as a string.

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