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Basic Stats
PC Race

The following are the members of the Race class. They are accessible in a feat script if you check the "Need Race" box. Refer to a member like this: cRace.Name


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Id As Integer

Name As String 'Name of the race
Source As String 'Sourcebook (New v.2.08)

Size As String 'Size and type, as in "Medium-sized Humanoid"

Climate As String
Org As String 'Organization
Treasure As String 'Description of treasure given
Alignment As String 'Allowable alignments
Advance As String 'Advancement description, e.g: "9-16 HD (Huge); 17-24 HD (Gargantuan)"
Desc As String 'Rich-text description
Languages As String


Function CheckType(TypeList As String) As Boolean
'Looks at a comma-separated list TypeList.
'If the race's type is in the list, returns true; false otherwise

Basic Stats

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Cr As Single 'Challenge Rating

HD As String 'Hit dice string, e.g. "15d10+63"
StdHP As Integer 'Standard or average HP as rolled

sSpeed As String 'Descriptive speed/movement string
Face As String 'Race and reach
SizeMod As Integer 'Calculated from the size string

'Ability scores (base, or average value)
Str As Integer
Dex As Integer
Con As Integer
Intel As Integer
Wis As Integer
Cha As Integer

'Modifiers corresponding to each ability score
StrMod As Integer
DexMod As Integer
ConMod As Integer
IntMod As Integer
WisMod As Integer
ChaMod As Integer

FortSave As Integer
RefSave As Integer
WillSave As Integer

Skills As String 'List of skills with bonuses
Feats As String 'List of available feats

DefaultEquipment As String 'Comma-separated list of equipment which will be given. New v.2.15
CarryingMultiplier As Single 'Multiplier to carrying capacity, new v.1.20


Function GetSizeMod() As Integer
'Calculates the size modifier from the size/type string

Sub CalcAbilityMods()
'Calculates the mods from the current Str, etc... scores


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sInit As String 'Initiative bonus as a string
sAC As String 'AC 14 (+3 Dex, +1 Size)
sAtt As String 'Attacks string
sDam As String 'Damage string
SpecAtt As String 'Special attacks
SpecQual As String 'Special qualities

AC As Integer 'Total AC
ACMisc As Integer 'Misc AC box
ACNatural As Integer 'Natural AC

'More Armor/shield
ArmorName As String
ArmorAC As Integer
ShieldName As String
ShieldAC As Integer

'The attacks this race has
NoAttacks As Integer
Attack(0 To MAX_ATTACKS) As Attack

'Base attack bonuses (-99 if no attack)
BAB(1 To MAX_BAB) As Integer

'Newer data fields
sr As Integer 'Spell resistance
PR As Integer 'Power resistance

SpellList As String 'Known spells (or spell-like abilities)
PowersList As String 'Known powers
DamageReduction As Integer
DamageReductionPlus As Integer '-1 = silver
DamageReductionString As String 'description of damage reduction. Replaces DRPlus

PermanentResistance As String 'Permanent energy resistance

'new v.2.00 - for DND 3.5
sFullAttack As String 'The full attacks (see sAtt)
GrappleBonus As Integer

PC Race

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PCRace As Boolean 'Race is designated for use as a starting point for PCs
LevelEquiv As Integer 'Racial Level Adjustment. -1 = none
BonusSP1st As Integer 'Bonus skill points 1st level
BonusSPEach As Integer 'Bonus skill points at each level
ExtraFeat1st As Integer '# of bonus feats at 1st level
ExtraFeatLevel As Integer '# of levels between the next bonus feat
ExtraPP1st As Integer 'Bonus power points 1st level
ExtraPPEach As Integer 'Bonus power points at each level
FavoredClass As String 'Unused.

'New 2.09 - List of classes included in stats (like War 1/Sor 2)
EquivalentClasses As String
CasterLevel As Integer 'Equivalent caster level for spell-like abilities
CasterAbility As String 'Relevant ability for spell DCs

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