Quick-Info Frame

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This frame holds information to quickly identify the currently selected creature.



The name of the creature. This can almost anything, from “Bilbo Baggins” to “Goblin 3”. Try to avoid giving different creatures the same name, even if their stats are identical, because telling them apart during combat will be difficult.


The race of the creature, like Human, Half-Orc or Goblin. In the case of monsters, this is the kind of monster. Many times the monster's name will be the same as his race.

Lvl (Level)

For PCs and NPCs, the level(s) of the character. For example: “Sor 3, Brd 1”. Add classes in the Classes Frame to change this.

For monsters, enter the number of hit die, and bonuses to HP. For example, an Aboleth has “8d8+40” hit points.

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