Psionics Frame

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This frame displays the number of power points and talents left, as well as the list of psionic powers and the description for each power. The Psionics frame is identical to the Spells Frame except without the Spell Slots grid, and with the following additional controls:

-          Max PP: The character's maximum power points total. This is the amount he has when fully rested. This value includes bonuses from high ability scores – double-click the Max PP label to get an accounting of where the power points come from.

-          PP Left: The number of power points left for the character to use today. If a player tries to use a power with too few power points left, a warning is displayed in the Combat Log .

-          Psi Focus: Indicates whether the PC has psionic focus (necessary for metamagic feats under the revised psionics rules). Double-click the label to give psionic focus.

-          Talents left: The number of times left today that the character can manifest a talent (0-level power) for free.

Memorizing Psionic Powers

The psionic classes in the Psionicist's Handbook do not require that powers be prepared in advance, unlike some spellcasting classes. Since psionics and magic share the same engine, the capability remains. This would allow you to create a psionic class that requires preparing powers ahead of time; however for the normal classes you don't need to use the Memorize buttons.

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