Player Genie Users

This help file covers the use of both DM Genie and Player Genie. However, several of the features in DM Genie are not included in Player Genie. Please ignore the help topics covering: the Group Manager; the Campaign Manager and adventure writing; the Random Treasure generator; the Weather Generator and weather display in the Timekeeping window; the Roll Window.

These unavailable features will be preceded by the following text in red:

(Feature not available in Player Genie)

About Groups: Some help topics mention groups – there is only one group in Player Genie, and it holds all the PCs you created. References to the "PC's Party" group, the "All Creatures" group and the "Current Encounter" group can be thought of as one and the same in Player Genie.

Player Genie is a subset of DM Genie – all features that are in Player Genie are also in DM Genie, but the opposite is not true. If you plan on DMing a game, check out DM Genie as it has more capabilities to make a DM's job easier.

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