Maximums in DM Genie

To ensure compatibility between versions, there are maximum numbers of items that can be added in various parts of the programs. In version 2.09 and 2.13, the maximums have been increased; but creature files are still backwards-compatible. The maximums listed below apply independently to each campaign you create.

-          Skills: 1250.

-          Spells and Powers: 32000 total, or available memory.

-          Feats and special/class abilities: 32000 in the database; but 1000 known by a specific creature.

-          Different conditions: 32000.

-          Classes for a single character: 20

-          Levels in one class: 80

-          Creatures: about 32000.

-          Groups: about 32000.

-          Creatures per group: 500.

-          Standard Items: about 32000.

-          Races: about 32000 or available memory.

-          Adventures: about 32000 or available memory.

-          Sub-adventures for a single parent adventure: 500

-          Items in one adventure: 250

-          Hotspots on one map: 150

-          Entries in a random encounter table: 50

-          Amount of text in a single box: About 75 kb for most rich text boxes, 500 kb for an adventure's description. 75 kb is enough for a few dozen pages of text with formatting, 500 kb is enough for one 400x400 color image. These limits were set because larger amounts of data could cause DM Genie to respond sluggishly.

Documentation for DM Genie and Player Genie, page Maximums_in_dmgenie. Copyright © Mad Scientist Studios, 2006.
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