Magical Weapon/Armor Maker

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This dialog allows you to create custom weapons and armor, giving them magical bonuses, abilities and materials; and changing their size from the default. To access them, go to the "Windows->Weapon Maker" and the "Windows->Armor Maker" menus.

Creating the Weapon or Armor

Creating weapons or armor is a simple, step-by-step process:

Adding New Abilities

Weapon and armor abilities are handled by special standard items in the "Weapon, Magic" and "Armor, Specific" item types. All that is required to add an ability is to add a prefix to the name of the ability:
The first way to apply the effect of an ability automatically is to give the ability a magical effect. For example, the "Resistance" armor abilities have fields like Acid Resistance 10. The cost of the ability is set in the normal "Price" field of the Item Editor. If the price is 10 gp or below, however, this is interpreted as the cost in "pluses", e.g. a +2 weapon with a +3 ability costs the same as a +5 weapon. Higher prices are simply added to the calculated price.
For more complicated effects, you will need to use item scripting, in the section Weapon Ability or Armor Ability. Item scripting can automatically give extra dice of damage, or modify the cost of the item, etc.

Armor/Weapon Materials

Materials for armors and weapons work in nearly the same way as abilities. The only real difference is that the prefix needs to be:
Otherwise, price, scripting, and magical effects are all handled in the same way.

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