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The LastDamage object can be accessed from the func.GetLastDamage function. It holds the last rolled attack results along with info needed to re-roll it. You can change these values directly, for example, if you want a feat or action button to do an attack.


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Kind As Integer
'0 = melee, 1 = range, 2 = touch, 3 = thrown

Touch As Boolean
'Set to true if it was a touch attack

AC As Integer
'The AC that's beaten by this attack

CritAC As Integer
'It is a critical hit for this AC or less

Subdual As Boolean
'Subdual or not?

' --- These are to allow you to reroll ---
Dice As Integer
'Value of dice (e.g. 1d6 = 6)

NoDice As Integer
'Number of dice to throw

DamageBonus As Integer
'Added to roll

CritMult As Integer
'Multiplier for a crit

'Natural 20s or 1s set either of these to true
AutoHit As Boolean
AutoMiss As Boolean

'Extension in version 2.09

'1st Dice of damage:

Damage1 As Integer
'Regular damage

CritDamage1 As Integer
'Critical Damage

DamageType1 As String
'Types of the damage (usually S (for slashing), fire, etc.)

'2nd Dice of damage:
Damage2 As Integer
CritDamage2 As Integer
DamageType2 As String

'A string which will be output to the combat log, instead of the normally
'generated value. Set to "" to use the default string.
ReplacementText As String

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