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The feats frame holds a list of all feats and special or class abilities. Special abilities are usually for monsters and are designated with a *. Class abilities are gained by PCs as they advance in levels for specific classes, and the name of the class for which it applies is indicated in parentheses.

“Feats” and “Special/Class Abilities” checkboxes: Check either one or both of the checkboxes to select what to display in the list.

Only feats that the creature has are displayed if the “Show All Feats” checkbox is unchecked. The description of the selected feat is displayed in the text box on the right.

To add a feat to a creature, check “Show All Feats”, then select the desired feat, and click “Has Feat”. If the feat has a calculable effect on the character your PC will automatically be changed. For example, selecting Improved Initiative will give your PC +4 to its initiative bonus. Some feats require you to choose on what weapon it applies (for example, Weapon Focus). A few feats that only work under specific conditions, for example Dodge or Point Blank Shot can be enabled by clicking the 'Use' and 'Stop' buttons (below). Other feats have no calculable game effects and so must be handled manually.

The "Use" button will perform different actions depending on the feat you have selected. It will usually automate some rolls and report the result in the Combat Log. For example, Deflect Arrows will roll the Reflex save and report its success or failure. Some feats also have a "Stop" button, for example Barbarian Rage, where Stop will end the rage.

Some feats have a "Rest" button activated, which will usually reset the number of daily (or weekly) uses of an ability.

The "Take Again" button is available for feats that can be obtained multiple times. Each time the effects will be calculated again. For example, you could take Toughness again and gain more HP, or take Weapon Focus on a different weapon.

The "Edit" button will open the Feat Script Editor, allowing you to change the way any feat works by entering a small VBScript program. For more info on this very powerful function, see Scripting for Feats .

The “Info” text box holds notes for the DM specifying what weapons or spells each feat applies to. For example, a wizard could select Spell Focus for Evocation spells. In the info box, you would see “Spell Focus (Evocation)”.

The Description text box holds the effects of having the feat or special ability. For many feats, a paragraph in green gives hints on how to apply the feat to DM Genie in cases where it cannot be automated. You can edit this text any way you like, using the Word Processor Commands . This paragraph is distributed as Open Game Content along with the rest of the description.

Why Include Special Abilities With Feats?

You may be wondering why we list special and class abilities along with the feats. We have decided to do this because of the great similarity between them. The only real difference is that special abilities are in-bred (from the race) and class abilities are automatic upon level increase. In fact, some class abilities are “Virtual Feats” because they act just like a real feat.

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