New Creature: PC or NPC

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This frame allows you to select your character's race, and roll its ability points.

List of PC racesList of Races

All the races listed here can be edited with the Race Editor . Check the PC Races Only box to only show the standard PC Races. It is best to create a PC from one of the standard races to ensure correct skill totals, etc.

Edit Races

This button opens the Race Editor , with the currently selected race open. You can then edit the race before creating the creature. If you change the race's ability scores, hit points or hit die, click on the race in the list of races again to update the New Creature window.

Character's Name

Enter the desired name for the character. If the name of the character ends with a number, like “Skeleton 1”, the name changes automatically to the next number (“Skeleton 2”) whenever you add a character, allowing you to add several identical characters with different names by simply pressing Ctrl+D repeatedly.

Ability scoresGenerating Ability Scores

In the Ability Scores frame you have five columns for each of the six ability scores:

-          Final: The final ability score your new PC or NPC will have.

-          (mod): The ability modifier that corresponds to the final score.

-          Rolled: The value you rolled (or chose, in the case of the Point Buy system) for this score (see below).

-          Race: The racial adjustment to the ability score. This is the race's standard ability score minus 10.

-          User: Enter any modifications to the total score, either positive or negative.

Rolling Ability Scores

First, choose what Roll Method you will use to roll the scores: straight 3d6; best 3d6 of 4d6; best 3d6 of 5d6; or one of the Point Buy methods. Click the Roll button to roll the scores. Each line in the right-most Rolled column holds the rolled value. For each score, select what ability will get that score by choosing in the Assign to drop-down list. As you make your selection lines from the score to the assigned ability graphically display your choice.

Point Buy: Instead of rolling you can manually assign the scores. As they change the total point value is reflected in a text box below. The maximum point value depends on the method chosen.

Hit Points

For PC's you do not need to change the value here because the hp value will depend on the class you choose.


This frame gives the equivalent level for the selected race. Keep the "Add a class to this character" box checked if you want to give a class to the PC/NPC

Creating the PC

Click the "Add PC or NPC" to create the PC based on the ability scores you've selected. This then opens the PC Leveling Wizard to give a class and levels to the PC.

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