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To create a monster you won't need to roll ability score

List of monstersChoose a Race

Click on the type of monster you want in the list at left. When you select a race you will see it's stat block displayed on the right.

Filter by CR

DM Genie has a large number of races available, and if your PCs are 1st level, you may not want to pit them against a great wyrm. With this, you can select what races to display by entering the minimum and maximum challenge rating of the creatures you want to show on the list. Check the “Filter by CR” box to filter the list. Uncheck it to show all races. If you are looking for a specific CR, say 3, enter the same number in both boxes.

Other Filters

You can search for a piece of text in the races' Type/Size string, or the races' Terrain string. Check the box to activate the filter.

To view only the races that are typically used for Player Characters, check the 'PC Races Only' box. You do not need to make any adjustments to the PCs created using PC Races before using the PC Leveling Wizard .

Creature's Name

Enter the desired name for the creature. If the name of the creature ends with a number, like “Skeleton 1”, the name changes automatically to the next number (“Skeleton 2”) whenever you add a creature, allowing you to add several identical creatures with different names by simply pressing Ctrl+D repeatedly.

Additional options

Hit Points

Enter the number of hit points, or click the "Roll from hit dice" to roll it.

Additional Options

Check "Add a class to this monster" to be taken to  the PC Leveling Wizard after creation. You can also automatically apply a template to the monster.

Creating the monster

Click the "Add Monster" button to create the monster and add it to the selected group.

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