Editing Spells' and Powers' Associated Conditions

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To change a spell or a psionic power's list of associated conditions, open the Conditions Editor (Shift-F8) and click either the “Spell Conditions” or the “Psionic Power Conditions” tab. The conditions associated with a spell/power will be displayed in the Condition Setter after you click “Cast Spell” or “Use Power” from the main window.

Select the spell to edit in the list at right. Underneath “Condition Name” you will find a list of the conditions for that spell. If the first condition is (None), then no conditions are set. Click the (None) box and select a condition to add it to a list. If you wish to remove a condition, click it's box and select (None) – this will remove it and shift the list upwards. Click the “Edit” button to change the selected condition. Click the “Create New Condition” to add a new, blank condition you can then edit.

To copy the list of conditions from a spell or a psionic power, click one of the “Copy from a...” buttons. You will then be prompted to select a spell or power from which to copy, then click Ok. It is best to create a specific condition for each spell rather than reuse those from other spells just because they have similar effects. For example, say you create a spell called Minor Cat's Grace that gives +2 Str. You are better off creating a condition called Minor Cat's Grace rather than using the Cat's Grace +2 condition. This makes it easier to remember what spell was cast, and simplifies exporting spells (see Exporting Other Files ).

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