Buttons Above the Combat Log

(Feature not available in Player Genie)

Make Roll

Select the type of roll to make in the listbox to the right of this button. Click “Make Roll” to open the Roll Window with the selected type of roll. You can also press F9 to open the roll window.

Quick Combat

This button helps you quickly start a combat between monsters and your PCs.

First, select a group of monsters in the drop-down box next to “Group” (see Creature List Display Options ).

Then, click this button. Whoever was in the “Current Encounter” group will be removed (but not permanently deleted – they are still in other groups they were a part of, and also in “All Creatures”). All the creatures in the current group, plus all the PCs (in “PC's Party”) will be added to the Current Encounter. Initiative is also rolled for all creatures.

After that, you may want to manually set the init for your players, or make any changes to the creature list. Then, you can press the “Start Combat” button to set everyone's round to 1, and set them flat-footed or not. See Steps for Running a Battle for more details.

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