Creature List Display Options

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Creature List Display Options

“Group” list box

(Feature not available in Player Genie) Selects what is the current group or encounter in which we are playing. The first three groups are special: All Creatures displays every creature in every group. Current Encounter is a placeholder to run combat. This is the item that will be selected during most, if not all combats. PC's Party holds the player's characters and their allies. The other entries in the list are the groups in this campaign. Select these to edit the creatures in them.


To sort either click on the Name or the Order (or Init) columns or right-click the creature list and select the sort menu.

Sort by Play Order

The creatures are sorted in the order in which they will act, with the creature who acts first in a round at the top of the list. According to the rules, creatures act in order of decreasing initiative - if two creatures have the same initiative, the one with higher Dexterity goes first. If both have the same Dexterity, the order of the two is decided randomly. 

You can move a creature in the play order by dragging and dropping it onto another creature - it will then act just before that creature; its initative will be adjusted to match. You can also type in a new initiative to move the creature in its order.

Displaying Enemies/Friends

Right-click a creature in the list and check or uncheck the 'Show Enemies' or 'Show Friends' menu to show/hide creatures of that type.

Display Colors

The colors for the text and background of each creature, depending on status, are set using the options (File menu -> Options -> Colors tab).

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