Class Skills

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Class/Cross-Class/Restricted Skills

You can record what skills are class skills (1 skill point per rank) or restricted (cannot be bought). All other skills are considered to be cross-class if they are neither restricted nor class. Note: We have chosen to use “Restricted” skills rather than specify “Exclusive” skills for each class because “Exclusive” skills are often shared by several classes – making them not exclusive at all.

In revision 3.5 of the most popular RPG there are no more "Exclusive" skills. The ability to add restricted skills has been retained however for compatibility with previous data sets and for users who aren't updating to revision 3.5.

Adding from the List

Select the skills in the list at left, and click “Add as Class Skill” or “Add as Restricted Skill” to add it to the other list. Doubles are ignored.

Read String

Instead of selecting and adding, you can copy/paste the text from, for example, a description you found on a website. Any ability scores in parentheses are ignored. For example: “Swim (Str), Scry (Int)” reads as simple Swim and Scry.

Skill Points

You get a certain number of skill points per level. Enter the base amount, the ability that modifies this amount for this class (usually Int), and the multiplier. You enter this for both the first level and each additional level.

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