Class Bonus Feats

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Adding Feats

Select the feats at left and click the “Add Bonus Feat” button to add them. Select them on the right and press “Remove” to remove them from the list.

Adding Feats by Type

Enter the type of feat to add, for example, General or Metamagic. Feats are added if their description contains the word between square brackets, for example, [General].

Read String

Enter or copy/paste a comma-separated list of feats. Any parentheses are ignored, as are *. For example, “ Dodge (Mobility, Spring Attack), Exotic Weapon Proficiency*” reads as “Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Exotic Weapon Proficiency”.

Number of Bonus Feats per Level

For each level, enter the number of bonus feats gained by the character. The character must choose this feat from the list available.

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