Class BAB/Saves

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The base attack bonus. A character may have up to 5 attacks. You can set the BAB for each level manually by clicking in the grid, or by using the Quick Set button. This button will ask you for the initial BAB and progression by level. For example, a cleric gains +0.75 per level. The BAB is rounded down, so you get a progression that gains +1 three quarters of the time. You will also be asked for the minimum BAB for the first attack in order to gain a second attack (and a third, and so on). The default value is 6, which means the second attack is always = the first attack minus 5.


The base saves can be edited manually (click on the grid), or use the Quick Set button. You will be asked which saves are good (higher bonus) or bad (lower bonus). Set the values for these defaults by editing RULES.TXT (see Customizing Game Rules ).

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