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DM Genie is the ultimate in-game aid for DMs running role-playing games based on 20-sided die, such as the 3rd edition of the world's most popular RPG or the new revision 3.5. It allows you to keep your mind on the story and the action – not on the rules and the math. When your PCs enter a combat, you can create hordes of different enemies in a few clicks, roll their initiative and sort them instantly, and have them attack the PCs with weapons, spells or special attacks, all without stopping to consult reference books.

DM Genie keeps track of nearly 300 different conditions and spell effects, automatically calculating the effects. Quick! Your monster is under the effect of the Barkskin spell, is prone and has 50% cover. How fast can you tell me what his AC is? With DM Genie, you'll know instantly. You cast a spell on round 3, initiative count 14, with a duration of 6 rounds? DM Genie will automatically remove the condition on round 9 and on initiative count 14, and warn you that the creature is no longer under the spell. A NPC gains 4 temporary points to his Strength score? His attack bonuses for every one of his melee weapons are adjusted accordingly, automatically – as are his Str-based skill bonuses.

DM Genie holds a database of over 540 spells, 280 psionic powers, 580 types of monsters, 73 skills, 277 feats and special/class abilities, 20 armors and shields, 80 weapons and 1900 items – and nearly everything has a useful description. And you can add or customize monsters, spells, feats, items, armor and weapons – at any time.

DM Genie's main window clearly displays all the information you need to run a battle in one screen – even if your computer's display is only 800x600. You can read a creature's stats with just a glance, and the descriptions for spells, feats and skills are always right there when you need them.

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