DM Genie for D&D 4th Edition?

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We're sorry, but DM Genie and Player Genie DO NOT SUPPORT Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition; and they never will, unless Wizards of the Coast changes its licensing.

Quite a bit of effort was put towards a complete rewrite of DM Genie for 4th edition before the terms of the Gaming System License were known (see the Wizards of the Coast site for the full terms of the GSL). When the GSL did come out, it expressly forbade "interactive products" (such as any software). In addition, the SRD (System Refrence Document) containing the rules was much more basic than was for 3rd edition. Therefore, the rewrite of DM Genie unfortunately had to be scrapped.

The game mechanics of 4th edition are sufficiently different than that of previous editions that we do not expect there to be a way for the current DM Genie version to be made to work with 4th edition.

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