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Guide to Converting a DM Genie Campaign to Revision 3.5

This guide will help you convert your DM Genie/Player Genie characters to use the revised 3.5 rules. You will most likely still have a lot of work to do, especially for characters which changed a lot, like Monks and Rangers. For these it may be better to start again the leveling process from scratch (or create a brand new character).

First of all, Backup Your Data! You can use Winzip to save your entire campaign's directory (and subdirectories), or you can export the campaign from within DM Genie.

This procedure assumes you've been using a custom campaign. See the tutorial for instructions of creating custom campaigns.

1. Before reinstalling DM Genie for revision 3.5 export all custom items you've created (skills, feats, races, etc, if any). Use the File->Export menu and the "Find Custom" button in it. Don't export any of the standard skills/feats/etc.

2. Reinstall DM Genie with the revision 3.5 changes.

3. Start up DM Genie again and select the old 3.0 campaign.

4. Click the 'Customize->Rename for Conversion to 3.5' menu. This function will rename the skills, feats and spells whose names have changed.

5. Export your characters, monsters, and/or adventures. To save time you can export entire groups instead of one character at a time.

6. Then, create a new custom campaign using the 3.5 data sets. Go to the Campaign Manager's 'File->Create a New Campaign' menu.

7. Start up DM Genie again in the new 3.5 campaign.

8. Import all the custom items you exported previously (if any).

9. Import your characters, monsters, and/or adventures. You will encounter the 'Unknown founds during import window'. For example, the Innuendo skill is unknown because it no longer exists in 3.5. Click Ignore to continue.

10. Check your characters for errors.

  • Important: The size bonus (or penalty) to attacks is no longer included in the BAB. You need to change your Base Attack Bonus to get the correct attack bonuses. For example, a size Small creature has +1 to attacks. It's BAB was previously increased by one to reflect this - now you need to reduce it by one to match the new system.
  • Damage Reduction works differently - check your conditions and monster's DR
  • Any PC who had taken ranks in deleted skills or chosen now non-existent spells will need some work to rebalance them.
  • Your custom races may have incorrect names in their 'Skills', 'Feats', 'Spell-Like Abilities' boxes.
  • Class abilities/skill points have changed for some classes.
  • Lots of items have changed. The ones currently in your PC's inventory will stay the same, but you may replace them for the new version if you wish.
  • Conditions have moved around so you may find that your character has odd conditions activated that weren't on before the update. Use the 'Clear all conditions' menu to fix that.
  • Watch out for attacks that have an extra damage dice (e.g. "1d8 + 1d6") because those have changed now and may need fixing.
  • Skill Synergy is now automatically handled. If you had manually given the synergy bonus before you'll need to remove it because it will now be applied twice.

11. Start playing!

Good Luck!

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