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Player Genie

What is Player Genie?

Player Genie is your complete software solution for playing 3rd edition RPGs or the new Revision 3.5. It handles the math and rules of games based on 20-sided die so you don't have to. Before the game you can use Player Genie as your character creator and inventory manager; giving it feats, equipping magic items and having the effect applied automatically. The step-by-step Leveling Wizard makes it easier than ever to advance your PC. You can easily export to a HTML Character Sheet for printing.

Using Player Genie with a laptop during the game brings out its full power: for example, applying the effects of spells or magic items is instantaneous. Even with multiple effects (where it can become confusing because of the different kinds of bonuses that stack or don't stack), Player Genie makes it effortless. You can give an expiration time for temporary magic effects; once the spell is over, the effects are removed automatically. As you advance in combat your AC, attack bonuses, damage bonuses, skill bonuses, etc. are all calculated for you, making battles run much faster with less emphasis on the rules and more on the action.

Download the evaluation version of Player Genie here. For a complete list of features in DM Genie and Player Genie, please click here.

How is Player Genie different from DM Genie?

DM Genie and Player Genie are both built from the same code, ensuring perfect compatibility; however, the features in DM Genie that are only of interest to Game Masters aren't included in Player Genie. These include: the weather generator, adventures, random treasure, the group manager, and a few other minor features. However, you retain the complete capability that DM Genie has for creating PCs, NPCs or monsters; and for customizing your campaign by creating custom feats, skills, spells, psionic powers, character classes or races.

Because Player Genie has fewer features it is priced lower than DM Genie. It also uses less memory, runs somewhat faster, and is easier to learn than DM Genie. Since both Player Genie and DM Genie are based on the same code you'll get the same new features that will be added in future DM Genie updates (except of course if the feature is only for DMs). To purchase Player Genie please click here.

DM Genie files are fully compatible with Player Genie and vice-versa (as long as both programs are of the same version). For example, your DM can make a campaign in DM Genie, export it, and give it to his/her players who will import it into Player Genie. A player can create his PC in Player Genie, and export it to a .Creature file, giving it to the DM for use during the game.

Should I use DM Genie or Player Genie?

If you're a DM or plan on becoming one you should take a look at DM Genie: you'll need the extra features of DM Genie to run your games as smoothly as possible. You can download DM Genie here. If you want to stay a player you'll probably be fully satisfied with Player Genie, even if you play several PCs in different campaigns.

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